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CEO of The Human Origins Foundation
Professional life-changing speaker and visionary author.
Richard William Smith
Rio Rancho, NM 87144
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Richard Smith is a professional life-changing speaker and visionary author on the topic of extraterrestrial contact, the Moorish Legacy, human origins, and related matters. Smith received high honors at New York State University for his dedicated work with extraterrestrial intervention and alien contact phenomena.A published author of the groundbreaking book series, The Vaulted Journals of UFOteacher, Smith is committed to raising conscious awareness in our health and well-being as caretakers of the planet, as well as creating a better understanding of our place in the cosmos, both physically and spiritually. As its Co-Founder and CEO, he has a dedicated passion for making the Human Origins Foundation an international success in all regions of the global community for future generations, empowering people to realize how important they truly are in this grandest of all adventures known as life.He believes that we must focus on the lost knowledge of where we come from before we can truly understand the ancient wisdom of where we are going on the path of our everyday lives. To understand the origins of humanity is to avoid repeating those same mistakes today, as well as in the near and distant future; he wants his nieces to inherit a better world.Spearheading the human origins revolution, he currently resides in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, with his wife Linda Smith. Working on his next book, he has been speaking worldwide with author events, interviews, lectures, and conferences. Contact him today for a book signing or speaking engagement.