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You’re different. Prove it.
Speaker | Consultant | Coach
Michael B. Kremer
Des Moines, IA 50309
Rated: Rated 5 Stars by 3 Organizations
Rated 5 Stars by 3 Organizations

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Enthusiasm.  Humor.  Knowledge. 

Those are the three words that are used to describe Michael as a speaker.  Starting with his high school commencement speech a few too many years ago through today, he has been described as a dynamic and engaging speaker. 

With specialities talking about differentiation, pricing, and positioning, Michael can speak to a variety of different markets and teams.  Including:  sales teams, marketing teams, higher education (admission, marketing), associations, departments, entrepreneurs, and not-for-profits.

Here are a few of Michael's favorite presentations to give:

You're Different; Prove It

Differentiating your brand in a sea of hyper-competitiveness

With more products and services entering into the market faster than ever before, it is important for brands/companies/people to know how to distinguish themselves in the market through differentiation and positioning.  In this program, Michael walks through the differentiation process using visuals, examples, and a reference to Seinfeld to setup the story, and to engage and energize the audience.


Put Your Foot Where Your Mouth Is

Aligning your messaging through your actions and words

Words matter, but so do actions.  Often we talk about what we want to do or what we want to be, but our actions don’t always align with our words.  We want to lose weight but we continue to eat cheese burgers.  We want to be better than our competition but we copy what our competitors do.  In this presentation, Michael talks about the actions that an organization (or person) must take to align what they say with what they do.


The Price of Salt

The art of aligning your price to your product and market position.

What does your pricing say about your product?  Your position in the market?  Your customers’ expectations?  The price of a product or service is more than what the customer pays:  it’s a signal to them about the value of your product and what they should expect.  As one of the pillars of Marketing’s 4Ps, price is one of the more complex to understand and implement.
In this event, Michael uses salt (and other examples) to explain the power of price and how to align your market position and customer value to the price the client pays.