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Member Since: 10/09/18
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President of the Young Conservatives of SHS
Seeking speakers for topics on economics, politics, capitalism, patriotism, etc.
Ryan Regier
Schaumburg, IL 60193
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“The purpose of the Young Conservatives of SHS shall be to discuss and educate members about current conservative

issues. The Club exists to benefit its members . . .”

We believe the following are the Conservative issues that unite us:


  • Private Property Rights
  • Fair and Equal Taxation
  • Personal Freedom and Responsibility
  • Support for the United States Constitution
  • Parental Rights and a Strong Education System
  • State Sovereignty and Decentralized Government
  • A Competitive Free Market Economy with free choices
  • Limited Federal Government and controls on Government Spending
  • Belief in the Unalienable Rights outlined in the Declaration of Independence
  • Federal Duty to Defend our Constitution, Defend the Nation, and Secure our Borders