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Kay Lightle, WorkLife Program Jr. Specialist
Searching for speakers for WorkLife Program events
FDIC WorkLife Program
Dallas, TX 75201
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Event is October 19, 2017  in downtown Dallas, TX   Speaking time is about 45 minutes, perhaps 2 sessions.

Searching for speakers who are well-informed on Optimal Wellness in--

Optimal Health--What to eat, exercise properly, amount of sleep needed; prescriptions or herbal supplements?

Optimal Prosperity--How to budget, save, curb desires for "fluff"; How to invest safely

Optimal Emotional Stability--How to de-stress; Learn symptoms of depression & what to do; How to stay happily motivated in job and in relationships

Optimal Exercise--Tai Chi, yoga, etc. for people who sit at desks much of the say; What types of exercise are the most beneficial for a sedentary, middle-age person.