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Traveling Shamans
Events coordinator for the Traveling Shamans & Shamanic Arts Studio
Julia Widdop
Grand Junction, CO 81501
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Traveling Shamans is a group of shamanic practitioners who have committed to travel to areas where people want and need them.  The host sponsor agrees to provide lodging and meals for the shaman and his/her team (+ 3 roadies.) Host sponsors are also responsible for promoting the shaman's program in their local area and providing a venue for the program and for the shaman to offer private sessions on one-day of his/her visit. Host sponsors receive promotional support (press releases. video interview & online promotion from Julia Widdop and her team.)

We are seeking travel sponsors to provide travel expenses and are open to discussing details. We are seeking the donation of a mechanically sound motorhome to transport the shaman and his/her entourage to the host sponsor site. We are also seeking patrons to help support the website and the events coordinator, Julia Widdop and her team.