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  • Psychologists CME
My Sample Titles:
  • 3 Secrets to Achieving the Income You Want Without Sacrificing Your Health
  • Stress Busting Tips for Business and Personal Success
  • Discover how stress can hijack your brain and impede your success
  • Surprising Ways Your Emotions and Behavior Can Cut You Down in the Prime of Life
  • 6 Stress Triggers You and Your Heart Can Do Without
  • A Broken Heart: Hollywood Drama or reality
  • Can Being Nice Have a Hidden Price Tag?
  • Can Depression Break Your Heart?
Boost productivity, Prevent Burnout, Achieve Happiness
Brain based techniques to reduce stress, improve health and achieve happiness.
Dr. Arathi Rao
Newtown, PA 18940
Rated: Rated 5 Stars by 9 Organizations
Rated 5 Stars by 9 Organizations

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If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed at work and are on the path towards burnout...

If your work or business is impacting your health like causing high blood pressure, and  increasing your risk for a heart attack...

If you are feeling  exhausted, have brain fog, and don’t have any free time to enjoy your family and friends…

Then, you will benefit from learning cutting edge neuroscience based mind/body techniques from Dr. Arathi Rao to boost your productivity, reduce stress and overwhelm, eliminate brain fog and reduce your risk for stress related illnesses.

Dr. Rao provides innovative coaching and training services to help entrepreneurs and employees in organizations achieve peak performance in their professional and personal lives.

Dr. Rao is a coach, cardiac psychologist, speaker and author.  She has conducted stress management workshops in the USA and overseas.  Dr. Rao has been featured in the WHYY TV-12 “Heart Moments” video on “Stress & Your Heart”, and in and ABC Channel-6 News special.  She has been interviewed on the topic of Stress, Success and Heart Health on several radio stations across the country, and in newspapers, and been a keynote speaker at several events.  She is the co-author with Jack Canfield and others of an Amazon best-seller “How to Handle Fear - Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging Times”

If you want a speaker who will inspire, educate and transform your audience with her enthusiastic and captivating style, contact Dr. Rao for your next event.