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"What to do until the lawyer comes" Pre-Legal, LLC
Simple actions a business can take without a lawyer to avoid legal problems.
Atlanta, GA 30305
Rated: Rated 5 Stars by 2 Organizations
Rated 5 Stars by 2 Organizations

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Like most attorneys, Betsey Neely has a few "war" stories to tell.  And she is not offended by your favorite "lawyer jokes." Betsey is on a mission to reduce legal costs and stress for individuals and small businesses.  A practicing attorney for many years, she has seen the cost of legal advice become too expensive for both family members and small businesses. Whether the issue is divorce, an intra-family dispute, entanglement with the criminal justice system, or simply dealing with an administrative nightmare, the costs of legal services in metro areas often exceed $400 per hour and deprive individuals of money better spent on children's educations and other family needs.

For small businesses or non-profits unfortunate enough to be sued, whether by an employee, a competitor, or a government agency, costs of defending the lawsuit may be enough to put an entity out of business. Betsey has options for the management of legal issues which can save businesses from costly mistakes. As lead house counsel for the University System of Georgia and its institutions, an enterprise with an annual budget of over 8 billion dollars, Betsey has advised Presidents, senior administrators, faculty and staff, on a daily basis, regarding a broad array of legal issues.  At the same time she was instrumental in creating a comprehensive conflict management system to solve disputes at the lowest possible level. The financial savings are significant. And solving disputes before they escalate reduces relationship costs as well as monetary costs.  Whether the issue involves an aggrieved employee, competitor, or customer, good management of potential legal issues reduces conflict and stress for everyone involved.  Betsey's mission is to educate others about ways to negotiate the legal system. From hiring the right lawyer to knowing when a lawyer is not even necessary, she provides immeasurable practical advice. 

Betsey does not represent a group of attorneys or legal counsel. She provides independent expert advice to help those with little experience or exposure to the legal system avoid costly mistakes.  She shares her insider's knowledge that works for the person who matters most: YOU!