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Helping you turn customers into clients
Customers wreck your profitabiltiy, Clients make you rich!
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I've been thinking differently my whole life, simplistically to be specific.  I teach, preach and train Customer Service Redemption, where you shift your thinking from 'customer service' to Client Care.  

Whether putting on a three day intense course or delivering a keynote, my goal is to deliver value so you leave with and action plan that will make a difference in your business. 

My work is based on two simple concepts:

  1. Customers destroy profitability and clients make you rich.
  2. You are wasting a ton of money trying desperately to drive new sales

We train the principles of profit acceleration and sustainability.  There is mindset needed that your customers (I prefer clients), are the greatest source of profit and must be treated as the gold they truly are.  

If you think you agree, answer these questions:

  1. How many retention programs do you have in place?
  2. How much did you spend on those retention campaigns this or last year?
  3. How much more or less did you spend on new customer acquisition?

We've all heard for years that retention costs 1/6th the price of acquisition, yet, how many of us actually align our marketing accordingly.

Simple question:

Have you ever offered a 'new customer' special?  

If you agree with the tenets above, then why would you do that?  You are willing to jeopardize an existing client relationship by giving a better deal to someone who has never spent a dime with you?

If you are ready to re-align your marketing to retain clients as opposed to churning customers, we can help - give us a call - 603-610-7124603-610-7124.

Our goal is to help you succeed.