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Harmony Harbor Coaching
Empowering professional women to become joyful, prosperous, balanced role models
Angela Monko
St. Louis, MO 63043
Rated: Rated 5 Stars by 1 Organizations
Rated 5 Stars by 1 Organizations

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Angie Monko, The Mindset Maven, is the owner of Harmony Harbor Coaching. Their signature system (The Worthy Self-Advocate Series) is a coaching program designed to work with professional women who want to confidently and passionately live life on THEIR terms without feeling guilty and selfish.  Angie's passion is to help these women become Worthy Self-Advocates, where they feel deserving of being joyful and prosperous, making a huge difference by being impactful role models.

For nearly 15 years, Angie has helped hundreds of people feel happier, more confident, and more energized. She has helped them go from feeling overwhelmed and unsupported to feeling joyful, prosperous and excited about life. She has helped people become healthy and whole, repair broken relationships, create new healthy ones, and even double and triple their incomes. 

Angie creates a safe space to help people transform from feeling like a victim to outside circumstances to feeling empowered, worthy and significant, through her workshops, retreats, coaching and online programs. She teaches people how to set healthy boundaries by becoming "worthy self-advocates," moving past their past so they can see the world through fresh, new eyes.  This new view of the world allows them to reduce their stress, take better care of themselves, and have a much greater impact on others. She is an expert in mind and emotions, a seasoned emotional freedom technique practitioner, certified hypnotist and certified healing code practitioner.