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  • Adolescent behavior
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Keeping Couples Together and Happy!
Passionate about helping families, couples, & colleagues communicate better.
Shlomo Slatkin
Baltimore, MD 21208
Rated: Rated 5 Stars by 1 Organizations
Rated 5 Stars by 1 Organizations

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By connecting to listeners on a personal level and discussing relevant real life issues and skills, Shlomo will give you and your group the tools and motivation you need to excel in your life, love, and relationships.


Through motivating couples and helping them understand relationship fundamentals, Shlomo Slatkin connects with his audiences on a sincere, personal level in an engaging way by presenting new ideas and methods that couples can relate to. Contact him today to schedule a speaking engagement for your marriage seminar or relationship event.


Corporations & Associations

Facilitation communication in the workplace is one of the most critical skills that employees and leaders need to run an efficient organization. Invite Shlomo Slatkin to speak at your next work training program or employee event to help give your colleagues the confidence they need to succeed in work and in life.

Mental Health Professionals, Coaches, & Clergy

Those working in the helping profession have the interests of others present in their heart yet sometimes struggle in working with couples. This is why Shlomo Slatkin is so passionate about providing additional support to those in the helping profession and resources that can be used in your own therapy practice, coaching business, or ministry.

About Shlomo Slatkin

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Shlomo married Rivka, the love of his life. When they started fighting a year or so into their marriage, he began a journey that culminated in him becoming an worldwide expert in relationships. Shlomo is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist (Advanced Clinician), a Rabbi, and a father of 5. He is a published author, international lecturer, and sought after practitioner working with couples for over a decade.