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    2ping communication enterprises
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2ping Communication Enterprise
Our "Motivation,Advertisement,Brand Evaluation as a pillar of success.
Somto Okeke Charles
Lagos, Nigeria, Greater London +234
Rated: Rated 5 Stars by 1 Organizations
Rated 5 Stars by 1 Organizations

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About us"2ping":

2ping acronym "to make positive impact needed globally"with the visionary leadership of the coordinator/president Somto Okeke Charles,As a speaker who speaks on Entrepreneurship 21st century Education,life skill,personal development and my mandate to raise a new generation of people(mostly youths)in all areas of life.we are committed to achieving our aim through seminars,mentorship sessions,networking,among other platforms.

Our Vision:-To make positive impact needed globally.
Our Mission:-To help people discover thier passion in other to attain success.
Our Motto:-"We GROW as you GROW."

Programmes Under 2ping Initiatives are;
SOCIAL BUSINESS CLASS(SBC):~A social media initiative designed to help passionate youths through providing entrepreneurial training,skill development,leadership empowerment,and quotable quotes from entrepreneurs or the coordinator.
SOCIAL GENERAL KNOWLEDGE(SGK):~The SGK comprises of the world true facts,Todays verse,Brain teasers/test,Events e.t.c

For sponsorship/partnership,
For placement of Advert on our monthly bulletin"GIST ON CAMPUS"(with Advertisement benefits & price rate),
To contact/book "Somto Okeke Charles"for your next event.
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