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  • Anxiety
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  • Creativity
  • Empowerment
  • Image/Self Esteem
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Life Balance
  • Life Purpose
  • Listening Skills
  • Mind/ Body/ Spirit
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  • Neuro Science, NLP
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My Sample Titles:
  • Mastery in the new world of work - building your intellectual capital
  • Do you REALLY want to find a Job? - Learn the Expert Strategy
  • Stay at the top of your game - How to Bullet Proof Your career
  • Mind Chi, Re-wire your Brain in 8 minutes a day, 50 strategies for business success
  • Become Stress Free in a stress-filled world
  • The Missing Peace - where's the rest of me?
  • 50 Strategies for success in business & Life - Become a Mind Chi Mentor
  • Inventing the Future - Disney, Back from the Future, and more
  • Get Real - Authentic versus Performance Excellence
  • Who stole my 'Now' - I want my future back
Invent Your Future, Professionally & Personally
Teaching advanced skills to master Life and the new world of work
Clive Digby-Jones
Lake Worth, FL 33463
Rated: Rated 5 Stars by 6 Organizations
Rated 5 Stars by 6 Organizations

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Work Background:

Clive Digby-Jones is a consultant, trainer, mediator and coach.  He is a published author and actor/presenter.

Prior to becoming President of Retraining America Now, LLC, he has extensive international experience leading, facilitating and mentoring companies.... their Boards, executives, managers and teams.

As a Consultant in Innovation, he studied Walt Disney and designed trainings in the management of creativity for Disney Institute and other companies.  He has consulted across many industries, and companies have included Hewlett Packard, Shell, Unilever, WPP, Guinness, etc.  He has helped them increase market share, launch technical innovations, achieve brand supremacy, raise profitability and enhance their performance.

As a top Leadership Coach and Director of Ravenscroft International, he teaches 'Authentic Excellence' and speaks and writes on the subject of RAPSI ™, a leading edge psychological model to help 'reinvent yourself'.   

He is also:
  • A top Dale Carnegie graduate (Public speaking)
  • A member of Toastmasters
  • An NLP Practitioner
  • A Master Practitioner and Trainer in RAPSI tm *
  • A Freeman of the City of London
  • A Liveryman of the Grocers Company
  • A Florida Supreme Court County Mediator
  • An ordained wedding officiant
  • A volunteer with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

*(RAPSI ™ - The Ravenscroft Approach to psycho-spiritual integration - a leading edge psychological model.

Clive was born in the UK, lived in the UK and California, and finally moved fully to the USA in 2005 with his wife Eileen Watkins Seymour, the author of 'The Missing Peace, the advanced seeker's guide to wholeness'  ISBN 1901564053.   Clive is her co-author.

With a great speaking voice, Clive is an experienced presenter and has been presenting at conferences and speaking to groups, plus presenting and talking on radio and tv, for the last 20 years. 

His company, Retraining America Now, LLC has the ambitious goal to help rebuild America's intellectual and human capital and teach advanced learning techniques to help people learn/relearn in the new fastmoving world of work.

Teaching 'Authentic Excellence' as opposed to 'image based' values sets him apart.  Power 4 Good, an organization that Eileen envisioned and they started in Europe will relaunch in South Florida.  It has a philosophy of building individual 'selfhood' and bringing soul to life, taking this into positive actions, projects and events. 

His talks are informative, articulate, passionate, humorous and meaningful. 

Add to this his work achievements listed above and you have a powerful and distinctive combination of business stories, facts and ideas. 

Some Possible Topics

  • Who Stole My Now, a Journey to Wholeness, Diary of a 21st Century Kharma Mechanic
  • Authentic Excellence versus Performance Excellence  and how to lead Authentically 
  • Thriving in the New World of Work
  • Finding the Hidden Job Market
  • Managing Information Overload
  • Build your Intellectual Capital and Profit from it
  • Do you REALLY want to find a job... Learn the Expert Strategy
  • Stay at the top of your game - Bullet Proof Your Career
  • Inventing the Future - Disney, Back from the Future, and more
  • The latest Brain research - The Plastic Brain and it's implications
  • Become Stress Free in a stress-filled world      
  • The Missing Peace - where's the rest of me?

Finally, add the family castle, ancestors both famous and infamous, his knowledge of the paranormal and the spiritual and he's a man-for-all-seasons.