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  • Public Speaking
Fearless Delivery
Solutions in Public Speaking
Lily Iatridis
New York, NJ 07716
Rated: Rated 4 Stars by 3 Organizations
Rated 4 Stars by 3 Organizations

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 "Successfully Promote Your Business With Public Speaking!"

~ For those who know their content, but don’t know how to communicate it to others effectively!

Please invite Lily to deliver her signature talk on public speaking solutions for business professionals that help them:

-Gain confidence in public speaking
-Successfully promote their products and services
-Save them the time and effort of preparation for a presentation
-Present themselves as the go-to expert in their industry!

In this action-packed session, business professionals will learn to:

 -Deliver their messages with clarity, no matter how technical the content
 -Systematically organize any content material
 -Engage their audience and maintain their interest
 -Handle challenging audience members
 -Use public speaking to get more business!

Lily Iatridis,Speaker/Trainer/ Mentor, began her trade in the toughest ofall public presentation environments - by teaching and developing curriculum for early adolescents. With more than a decade of experience, she knows the key elements in effective and engaging presentation, as well as how to support professionals in expressing their message clearly by giving them the “how-to” shortcuts, personalize instruction and even packaging their presentation for them if the need arises.  Lily has worked with a wide variety of people, including an international assignment in Japan.  In short, Lily knows how to help people elimate their fears and create clear messages in their public speaking to successfully promote themselves, their products, and their services.  Please visit and sign up for her free special report, "5 Strategies to Neutralize Challenging Audiences, Without Engaging in a Power Struggle!"