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  • Conflict Resolution
  • Ethics/Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Development
  • Spirituality
  • Team Building
My Sample Titles:
  • The art and science of building trust at work.
  • Trust works! Building trust and the corporate bottom line.
  • Leadership to Trust: The practice of trustworthy leadership
  • Trusted Teamwork: How teams can build, maintain and repair trust
  • Coaching to Trust: How to coach clients on issues of trust
  • Facilitating trust in teams and groups
Leadership and Team Coach, Author, Speaker, Bridge Builder
Trust is essential to business success. I help people build and sustain it.
Charles Feltman
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
Rated: Rated 3 Stars by 2 Organizations
Rated 3 Stars by 2 Organizations

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1000251_trust_at_work_logo.jpgIn my more than 30 years as a mediator, facilitator, executive coach and management consultant, I've come to recognize that trust is a cornerstone success and well being at work. Trust is a precondition for good working relationships between colleagues, co-workers, managers and subordinates, team members, vendors and customers, leaders and those they aspire to lead. Trust is a necessary for engagement, commitment, collaboration, positive conflict, innovation, and focus on results. When people trust each other at work they are capable of achieving untold greatness together.

But trust doesn't just happen. It is imperative that people pay conscious attention to the behaviors and practices that build and sustain it. Workplaces are minefields of limited time, competing commitments, opposing demands, and garden variety miscommunication that can easily lead to unintended breaches of trust when people aren't paying attention.

As a speaker I focus on the topic of building, maintaining, and restoring trust at work. My book on the subject, The Thin Book of Trust: An Essential Primer for Building Trust at Work, details a framework and language for trust building. I believe understanding how to trust and be trusted, and how to deal with damaged trust in the workplace, are critical issues in business today. I know from experience that I can help people reap the enormous benefits of strong trust and build cultures of trust at work.