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My Sample Titles:
  • Presenting with power
  • Living with purpose
  • Invest in yourself
  • Building high performing teams
  • Riding the wave of change
  • Ready - Set - Retire
  • Just tell them - stopping the negitive talk in organizations
Success Coach
Passion + Purpose + Persistence = Success
Terry King, SPHR
Bay City, MI 48706
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Terry is the CEO of Action Leaders Inc; a consulting, training and coaching organization that helps small businesses outpace their competition and business leaders transform themselves into vibrant, self-confident, value driven achievers.

Before establishing Action Leaders, Terry spent 9 years as a human resources innovator and trendsetter, as well as 5 years as a paramedic. Terry also has 9 years experience as a customer service manager, training employees to deliver the highest standards of performance.

After a successful career in healthcare and arts administration, Terry now coaches others to achieve the same success. Terry specializes in coaching leaders who are already successful, but know they can accomplish more. Terry works one on one to help each client clearly identify his or her personal values. He then helps them honor these values, while transforming day-to-day living into the fulfilling lives, they desire.

Terry is no stranger to helping people. He has spent over 18 years as an innovator and corporate leader, training, motivating and guiding people into rewarding careers.

As an energetic and dynamic motivational speaker, Terry offers astute insight on the actions needed in: achieving dreams, valuing yourself and nurturing your people resources.  Terry’s intuitive approach can set you on a course to you out perform the competition at every turn.

Terry and the seasoned team at Action Leaders offer a wide range of programs and services from leadership development and training to business consulting, personal, and team coaching. Terry has successfully helped stagnate, dysfunctional teams learn to overcome conflict, and to transform into high performing, action orientated powerhouses. Action Leaders formed knowing the success of any organization is dependent on the health and effectiveness of the teams within that organization.

Contact Terry today and start your journey as an Action Leader!

To contact Terry please email