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  • Christianity
  • Coaching
  • Family
  • Goal Setting
  • Image/Self Esteem
  • Life Balance
  • Life Coaching
  • Life Skills
  • Parenting
  • Time Management/Self Management
  • Women's issues
My Sample Titles:
  • Momnificent! - A Feeling, A Mindset, A Way of Life
  • Life's Balance Beam - Secrets to Living a Balanced Life
  • Guilt-free Parenting - Mom, Zap the Guilt and Parent with Confidence
  • Take Time to Declutter - Tips for Clutter Control
  • The Five E's of Time Management
  • Conquering Your Two Worst Enemies - Perfectionism and Procrastination
  • The Many Hats a Woman Wears - Being Your Best Self in all Your Roles
  • Parent Leadership - Keys to a Successful Family Organization
Inspired Moms ~ Magnificent Lives
Inspirational speaker for the women and mom market
Lori Radun
Aurora, IL 60502
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Although it prepared her to be a successful mom entrepreneur, working over 20 years in the business world did little to nurture Lori Radun's life-long passion for personal growth.  In 1993, Lori began to feel a longing in her heart to make a difference in the world.  Following her interests, she went back to school to study Psychology, but her heart was set on fire when she decided to become a life coach and began work with the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching to receive her certification.

Today, Lori is a life coach, inspirational speaker and guru to conscious mothers everywhere.  Her mission is to provide simple toos to help moms raise their energy, raise their morale, and raise their consciousness while raising great kids.  She believes that a grounded and happy mom will strengthen any family unit, and ultimately lay the groundwork for future generations.

Eager to give mothers encouragement and support on their motherhood journeys, Lori founded Momnificent!® where moms can go for expert advice, coaching and information on topics facing moms today.  In her book, The Momnificent!® Life ~ Healthy and Balanced Living for Busy Moms, Lori's openness and conversational style gives moms the feeling they're sharing "Aha!" moments with a friend while they're learning to live more fulfilling lives.

Lori is the mother of two wonderful boys, the wife of a very supportive husband and a lover of books, chocolate and Tae Kwon Do!