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ProActivation: Coaching for Leadership and for Life
Your personal support system through your next transformation.
H. Les Brown
Washington, DC 20005
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H. Les Brown, MA, CFCC has dedicated his life to supporting men and women through the process of transformational change.

From a very early age, he was drawn to the life of a spiritual leader. With a thirst for knowledge, a comprehensive understanding, a creative spirit, With a love for trivia, he pursued masters degrees first in philosophy and then in theology before ordination to the ministry. Les served as a popular preacher, teacher and spiritual director. He challenged his people to grow beyond the limits of the ordinary and he encouraged them to strive for the extraordinary.

After ten years of ministry, Les’ own personal need for transformation caught up with him, and he left the active ministry in response to his own challenges to grow. Even before the advent of DOS personal computers worked in the field of information technology as a tech writer and, with the advent of the PC, as an installer and customer service representative for a church membership software company. He was using an e-mail account before most people had ever heard of the ‘internet’. He also learned computer programming and, before very long, had branched out in his own custom software company.

It was writing custom order processing software that brought Les to his next career transformation as head of IT for a mid-sized northeastern manufacturing company. Before long, his company’s computer system was the envy of some major corporations in its practical functionality. The transformations didn’t stop there, though. When the company grew to the point where it became essential to obtain internationally-recognized quality certification, Les volunteered first, to become a certified quality system inspector, and then to lead the company in its efforts to reorganize from a 1950’s era family business to a model 21st century organization. He was promoted to Vice President and Chief Information Officer of the corporation and led the company to successful simultaneous ISO-9000 and QS-9000 (automotive) quality certification.

After fifteen years with the manufacturing firm, Les began his next transformation, becoming a Certified Franklin-Covey Coach (CFCC). What started as a part-time coaching practice suddenly became his full-time passion, as he was suddenly laid off in response to a major economic downturn.

During the course of his coaching career, Les has focused on people struggling to take their lives to a higher level. From an entrepreneurial family and an entrepreneur himself, Les had first-hand knowledge of the stress that business puts on business leaders . . . and on their families. The majority of his coaching clients over the years have been entrepreneurs trying to build their businesses while maintaining a home life. To support them, Les created his “Balanced Life Project” program and published his first book, The Frazzled Entrepreneur’s Guide to Having it All. His commitment to challenging his clients to create work-live balance through raising their awareness led him to his next transformation.

A single conversation with a professional man in his forties sparked the understanding that entrepreneurs were not only struggling with business and family issues; it was also almost universally true that both business men and women and professionals were in their forties or older and were also struggling with serious midlife issues as well. These midlife issues not only complicated people’s striving for success, they also threatened to disrupt of destroy their plans. For the last few years, Les has been developing and offering the “Midlife Mastery” program to individuals and groups with articles, teleseminars, an online community and a weekly internet radio program (“Midlife Matters”) that strives to bring clarity to the issues facing both men and women at midlife and how it can affect people’s careers, their families and intimate relationships, and their own personal health and well-being.

What is Les’ next transformation? That remains to be seen, but whatever it may be, you can be certain that it will be both interesting and exciting and will make a difference in people’s lives!