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Member Since: 08/03/15
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  • Advocacy
  • Attitude
  • Change
  • Community Relations
  • Empowerment
  • Government & Politics
  • Grief
  • Image/Self Esteem
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My Sample Titles:
  • Surviving Life Impacts
  • Congressional Assistance Where It Counts-YOUR House
  • Empowerment Your Way
  • Think on Your Potential
  • Circumstance Does Not Define You
  • Can You Turn the Page?
  • Yes You CAN Start Over Again!
  • Making the Fed System Work for YOU
NO! Is NOT Final Answer!!
The Champion in You is Waiting...
Dianne McNair, Author/Speaker/Advocate
Waldorf, MD 20603
Rated: Rated 5 Stars by 1 Organizations
Rated 5 Stars by 1 Organizations

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"NO is NOT Final Answer!"

Greetings to All! 

I am a Washington, DC native, published Author/Speaker, former Executive Assistant for a global television news network 10 years (2005-2015), former Executive Assistant to Members of Congress 12 years (1990-2002), and past Legislative Secretary/Administrative Support/Constituent Liaison in the U.S. Senate on Capitol Hill 10 years. 

But that's not who I is what I've done in the professional workplace. There is a difference. However, it is the consummate experience that birthed my dream and passion to reach, teach and be a phenomenal bridge to others with the 'stuff' I learned on The Hill and...

My Life Journey, journeys of others who impacted my life, my humanitarian/social worker spirit and my Stand in the Gap nature are the seeds and roots of what I do/who I am in the universe now. I bring a Double Header message coming from two fronts - both still proclaiming that NO is NOT Final Answer.

As a Messenger on a Mission and an independent Public Advocate using Congressional and Federal/State Offices as intercessors, I am the bridge needed to assist people in getting resolution on workers' rights violations, housing and job discrimination, unjust terminations, benefits denials wrongly determined and more. It was my Capitol Hill work in this area that spawned the vision for advocacy of this nature. Following early retirement from Congressional service I made it my goal to bring this powerful intercessory service arm to the front porches and living rooms of America. And I'm doing it!

My efforts have been 100% successful in people collecting denied Unemployment Compensation Benefits, job restored, and retroactive SS Disability benefits, to name a few. Now twice-retired (because I'm not finished yet), I am also a Mom and Grandmom of two tall, handsome, fun grandsons (17/20 high school and 1st year college).

Media Outreach: CNN's Comcast Newsmakers guest segment; internet radio interviews with Shamara D. Cox, Susan Green, Radio One's Dr. Sheba Tartt Walker and Live Vision Studio show with her on The People's Advocate needs discovered/remedies achieved, and moving from show guest to co-host with CJ on 'Let's Talk' internet radio from 2011-2012. These experiences put headlights on my passion for what I am called to do: Be an Oracle of life-changing information and bring you the tools to Reset Your Life Stage. From the Inner You to the Externals in your life...I come to help you rebuild that which has broken down, shed insight that can be painful to acknowledge but necessary, refuel that which has fallen by the wayside, and show you your Champion inside that is waiting for YOU to allow it to rise.

As a Speaker I have message themes for your 'hard places' in life, sprinkled sometimes with impromptu humor behind razor-sharp points, that will resonate with my audiences. It's about Life - seen differently, with focus and New Vision.  There's a Future for your life - no matter what you see around you now. Take the Valley Experience and that Hard Fall as Lessons for your Learning Curve. It's not What Happened that matters the most - It's How You See It and What You Do Next that counts. Remember - all that you see or just experienced will change. Time is the vehicle for what you are enduring to change. That's the ONE constant in Life...Change. Wait for it. You will get to the place where you can Turn the Page, survive, and come out of it armed with wisdom, resilience, renewed direction/focus, confidence and a Winner's spirit.

My presentation is two-fold:

First Message: I speak to the Champion in the person giving inspirational, motivational and key mindset messages to help people to rise from their ashes after Crash and Burns (Life Impacts) of many types:

NO is NOT Final Answer; Can You Turn the Page? (Your Valley is just a Page in a Chapter of the Book of Your Life - Turn the Page!); This is NOT That; Recognize Your Potential; Seek Your Possibilities; What Happened to You is NOT Who You Are (it is only what happened); The Good/the Bad and the Ugly are Your Survivor Badges (Badges of Honor); See You Differently/DO You Differently; Circumstance Does Not Define You; and more self-esteem building, change-your-outlook, catch a new vision for your life messages.

I share my Rule of Six R's for rising from your ashes: The first one is Reflect! (asking 'What the heck just happened? Why? How? Whose fault - theirs, mine, or a combination?) It's your first step to getting an understanding of the moving pieces that led to this. Once you know, the cloud of uncertainty and confusion lifts. Even if you played a role in the dismantling of your world, now you know...THAT did not work! If you determine that others played the sinister role, now you know...they were with you but were not for you in truth, or they would not have walked you off that cliff. The remaining keys come in my presentation.

And how do I know? I hit some walls and The Valley more than once. Got stories, don't you? But in those  Valleys I had time to think (Reflect), and at the end stage of the Six R's I found out what I'm made of - heard the Champion who cried out inside me, demanding to rise again. I learned the lessons, survived the catastrophe and now stand to help others do the same. I have e-mail testimonials from several whom I have helped turn their table in their favor. Your Champion is waiting for you to recognize your power to start again, and after enough pain and regret you will hear your Champion saying...Enough! TIME'S UP for taking more Time Out. You've got some living to do and more ground to cover. Do not forfeit!

Second Tier message deals with educating audiences on the little known but powerful intercessory assistance available to ALL U.S. citizens from Guess Where? Our U.S. Congress (the Members of the House and the Senate). This bridge of help is not political. We see enough of that. What I open is the 'other side of Congress' that can get reversals on decision errors regarding denials of benefits/services like Social Security, SSI Disability, housing or job discrimination and other labor law violations against employees, IRS disputes that clearly should favor the taxpayer, and more. As a former Congressional Executive Assistant, Constituent Services agent and Casework Assistant I saw those denials reversed. After early retirement from Congressional service I began to light this path of little known information for the public and have been successful as an intermediary in the process. I have e-mail testimonials from those who got their victory through my efforts, and I am sharing this critical information professionally on the speaking and media circuit. You can find me on Linkedin, and the book that brings the New You AFTER Your Storm has a website:

To Contact me for Speaking Availability Call (301) 641-6554, or [email protected].

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