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America’s Organizer Coach
Author, Speaker, Business Development Coach
Marilyn Ellis
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
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Audiences love Marilyn.  She is “America’s Organizer Coach”. High energy, thoughtful, inspirational, genuine and fun, she speaks from real life experiences.  As a Successful Business Owner, Speaker, Author, Business Development Coach and Professional Organizer, her presentations are filled with funny, thoughtful and amazing stories and insights as well as practical solutions to the challenges we all face. Her clients include business owners, entrepreneurs, artists and professionals from all backgrounds.  She is a member of NAPO, National Association of Professional Organizers and current President of ICF International Coach Federation, San Francisco East Bay Chapter.  She founded both Lighthouse Organizers LLC to make use of her spiritual gifts of Administration and Encouragement. If you are stuck on the rocks, lost in the fog or surrounded by sharks, Marilyn will shine her harbor light on you and bring you safely home.

Marilyn’s company name, Lighthouse Organizers, LLC, reflects her true desire to help people navigate through their busy and challenging lives.


As a Professional Speaker, Marilyn focuses on Future Trends and Opportunities for Business Growth.  She was a speaker at the 2009 East Bay Women’s Conference and will be a guest speaker at the 2010 National Association of Senior Move Managers Convention.  She conducts numerous webinars, seminars, and workshops on business development nationwide.


She is the author of “How to Succeed in Your First Year as an Entrepreneur”, available on, as well as the e-Book, “What Do You Want Your Business To Do For You?”, available through her website: Marilyn is also, currently working on her third book, “Future Trends/Future Opportunities – A Guide for Business Growth in the 21st Century”.


"You are an amazing speaker!  Your sensational program inspired listeners to improve their lives."

Educational Programs Director, Contra Costa County Library System

"Your presentation on Time Management was excellent and was tremendously valuable to our members."
President, American Association of Business Women

"Thanks for a great presentation.  It was fun and informative and perfect for everyone getting themselves and their businesses ready for the New Year."
Founder, Mt. Diablo Business Women

"You inspired me yesterday. I just wasn’t doing anything.  Thanks for the jump start I so badly needed."
Attendee, Real Estate Business Conference    

"The Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce was privileged to have had Marilyn Ellis as one of our speakers at the fourth annual East Bay Women's Conference in March, 2009.  Her topic entitled Future Trends, Future Opportunities for Women" was interesting and packed with valuable information.  I would highly recommend Ms. Ellis as a speaker.  She understands her audience and delivers a powerful message.

                                              Marci Hochhauser, Vice President, Walnt Creek Chamber of Commerce


Sorry, Christopher Columbus, the world really is flat!
Buckle up and travel with Marilyn in her personal Time Machine.  First you’ll step back into the past and see how far we’ve come in such a short time.  Then, you’ll travel forward – all the way to 2025 to see what the future holds in life and in business.  You’ll meet some impressive people along the way who have already seen the future and are acting on it right now.  You will be amazed and inspired about what opportunities lay before you now and in the future and be ready to jump off that time machine and act on them.    Hold on, it’s going to be a fast and furious ride!

Paper Management for the 21st Century
If this is a “paperless society” how come we are buried in paper? Marilyn puts her audience at ease and shows them that it’s really not their fault” It’s those pesky gremlins that have convinced us that we have to save everything, know everything and have everything at all times.  They even get themselves delivered to our door! Audiences will learn how to decide what is really important and how to rid themselves of those paper gremlins once and for all.  Gremlins beware.


Time Management with a 21st Century Twist
Marilyn heard this comment when waiting in line at Starbucks and thought what a great title for a seminar on time management!  Is your life rich like a creamy cup of coffee or are you juggling business, family, friends, and elder care and, if you are lucky, a little time for yourself.  So much is expected of us.  Setting goals that leave room for a personal life in the 21st century is not an easy task, is it?  Marilyn has lots of stories to tell about how she has helped her clients do just that and finally get the life and lifestyle they deserve.  She will challenge you to cherish your Time as your Life. You will learn how to say “No” and leave them smiling.  You will learn the difference between “have to do” and “don’t have to do” You will finally be able to “leave room for the cream” And you will smile all the way home.

How to Be a Better Listener.  The Gift that Keeps on Giving
We all think we know how to listen.  Truth is, most people do 80% of the talking and even while they are “listening” they are already thinking about what they are going to say next!    Learning how to really listen is the best gift you can give to yourself. Do you want to be a better salesperson, supervisor, spouse, parent, friend, and colleague or business owner?  Are you struggling to get others to follow you or “buy in” to your ideas?  Can’t get your team building off the ground?  In this fascinating presentation, Marilyn will challenge you to see yourself and others in a different way.  You will learn how to really listen for the first time.  You’ll be amazed how differently a conversation can go when you learn how to listen up. Your new listening skills will enable you to get the results you want and the respect you deserve.

When Change Is Not So Good, what are we supposed to do?
When you are struggling with significant change in your life, the last thing you want to hear from anybody is that change is good. You’d rather things stayed just as they are.  Your systems no longer work.  Everything you did before is irrelevant.  Now you have to start over! Change, good or bad is inevitable. How we handle the change is not.  Marilyn has faced lots of change in her own life and helps her clients cope with change all the time.  Sometimes it’s OK to cry. Sometimes it’s better to laugh.  It’s always important to take action. She has lot of interesting and funny stories to share, coping strategies to teach and insightful tips to empower you. You’ll leave knowing what to do when life happens.


"Fairy Tales" to help you get "Unstuck from your Stuff"
“Wait, I might need that some day”. “It might be worth something!”  “I paid a lot for it”  “It’s ugly but I inherited it”.  Sound familiar? Marilyn has heard it all and has a list of the funny excuses people have given for why they keep their stuff.  When her Cluttered clients tell her that their business or home must be the "worst she has ever seen", Marilyn just smiles. “You can’t scare me”, says Marilyn, I’m a Professional Organize and you have no idea what I’ve seen!” In this funny and informative presentation, Marilyn challenges you to re examine why you think you have to have all this “stuff” in your life. You will hear the story of the Five Little “P's” and How They Grew – "not a children’s story", Marilyn warns, and “The Starfish Principle© her own adaptation of Loren Eisley's story and learn a 4 point easy to remember technique she created to get you "Unstuck from your Stuff" and finally be free to live the life you want and deserve.


How To Create A Business That Serves Your Lifestyle - Not the Other Way Around! 

Most business owners  let their businesses run their lives, leaving them little or no time for family, friends and other pursuits.  In other words, their busiinesses own THEM.  Marilyn Ellis shows you the way to turn that all around and create your life and THEN your business.  In this fun and informative presentation she will offer you a -plan to create the life and business you want.  You will identify what your drives your business forward, identify your top 3 energy eaters, identify your highest ROI and learn the difference between front end, high ticket and back end products.  You will learn the important Steps to Market Leadership, have the best year ever and never leave money on the table again!



Projecting Your Tomorrow and Heading For It Today

It's all well and good to have a vision - but what do you do next?  How do you get from the vision to realizing that vision without burning yourself out and heading down the wrong path, ultimatelu becoming totally demoralized? Isn't that the fear that stops you from moving forward?  Here's the solution:  You set up SMART goals.   In this action oriented, fun and informative presentation,  Marilyn will teach you the FIVE secrets that high achievers use to get success every time - and they spell the word SMART! Whether you want to start a business, grow a business or re organize your personal life, Wouldn't you like to know what those secrets are?


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Howard Kramer, CFP, CLU, ChFC.

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Odalis M. Lopez,CFP
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South Florida Chapter


" offers me a win-win proposition: I get to offer unlimited valuable content in a large group format while you put me front and center of potential niche markets."
Marian Morgan,
Professional Life & Business Coach, and owner of "That Great Idea", Miami


"What a great idea to put quality opportunities together with engaging and informative program presenters"
Joan Roberts-Gould, CLTC
All Vest Associates, Inc.
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President, National Assoc of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Broward
V.P. NE Focal Point C.A.S.A Board: Senior, Adults, Alzheimer's Day Care & Community Center.