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  • Adolescent behavior
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety
  • Attitude
  • Business Start Up
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  • Couples Coaching
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  • The Science of Similar
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) - Workplace Problems, Costs, and Solutions
Excavating the Aha! Daily
Jeff Copper, Attention Coach, helps individuals pay attention to the right thing
Jeff Copper, MBA, PCAC, PCC, CPCC, ACG
Tampa, FL 33611
Rated: Rated 5 Stars by 7 Organizations
Rated 5 Stars by 7 Organizations

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In life, business, or career, nothing works at its highest level if you are paying attention to the wrong thing. Jeff knows this all too well. As a child diagnosed with dyslexia and a learning disability, he spent most of his life finding his obvious solutions that are NOT so obvious to others. Throughout his experience as an internationally ranked competitive swimmer, a top sales and marketing professional, obtaining an MBA while graduating at the top of his class, working in a startup while going public, a consultant and successful entrepreneur, and a dedicated, attentive husband and father, Jeff has been driven by dedication, discipline, and desire. His accomplishments rival those of the most successful individuals in America.


Today he brings his diverse experience and wisdom to his clients as one of the world's few attention coaches. He helps individuals, particularly those with or impacted by attention deficit disorder (ADD) or its symptoms, pay attention to the right thing. You see, all the training, education, consulting, or counseling is only as good as the accuracy or quality of what you are paying attention to. If finding the right solutions has ever been frustrating, unproductive, overwhelming, or just eluding you, then DIG Coaching is your next obvious step.  We are excavating the Aha! daily just by helping you pay attention to the right things. To learn more, go to and download your copy of Finding the Obvious Solutions When They Aren’t So Obvious!

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... "As President of the Financial Planning Association of Broward, I can not wait to tell our members about this site. It will be an excellent way for our CFP experts to reach out and maximize their potential as presenters. Thank you for providing this fabulous service.
Howard Kramer, CFP, CLU, ChFC.

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You´ve totally simplified the process of finding quality presenters on the specific topics we need for our upcoming meetings, special events and teleseminars. What a great idea!"
Rosalind Sedacca, CCT
Partner, WomenHelpingWomen


"In the past, I´sd spend a lot time prospecting for potential speaking engagements and sending off bio and presentation information. will cut that time investment way down and present me with opportunities I would never find without them."
Neil Tortorella
Tortorella Design & Marketing Consulting


" gives us an opportunity to better evaluate and qualify hundreds of local candidates who are willing to speak to our members without a fee. [You] make it much quicker and easier to find great presenters with fresh, interesting and timely topics that build attendance and ultimately membership."
Odalis M. Lopez,CFP
Health Insurance Expert,
Sterling Benefits Group
Past President of Women in Insurance and Financial Services,
South Florida Chapter


" offers me a win-win proposition: I get to offer unlimited valuable content in a large group format while you put me front and center of potential niche markets."
Marian Morgan,
Professional Life & Business Coach, and owner of "That Great Idea", Miami


"What a great idea to put quality opportunities together with engaging and informative program presenters"
Joan Roberts-Gould, CLTC
All Vest Associates, Inc.
"Go To" Professionals for Long-Term Care Insurance Solutions
President, National Assoc of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Broward
V.P. NE Focal Point C.A.S.A Board: Senior, Adults, Alzheimer's Day Care & Community Center.