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Rated 4 Stars by 2 Organizations
Kris Cavanaugh
Personal & Professional Development Keynotes & Workshops
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Dafeenah -- I'm not even sure how many levels Sonic had. I think I made it to a third a few times.Theresa -- I also avoid the video games besuace I get addicted to them. I have enough problem with video Solitaire.Alex -- That Sonic thing must get really complex--much deeper than I ever got.Liz -- I'm not even sure what my kids had. Someone had given them the one with Sonic. I recall playing Mario at my mother's house and I'm not sure how that game even got there.Li -- I keep seeing games that I'd forgotten as I read comments and other posts.K.C. -- Believe me, I would be no match for some of the younger better jugglers than I.L. Diane -- When I was on my trip to Tennessee I noticed that my brother and his family and my daughter and her husband were all playing Scrabble on their phones with each other and complete strangers. No phone apps for me yet.Laura -- I'm pretty bad at video games, but they do intrigue me.Jan -- I'll probably play more games as my grandkids get older. Right now there is no one else around to play games with.Nebular -- Scrabble is a great game.baygirl-- Actually an uncoordinated juggler might be pretty good at juggling battles.Ellie -- The Sonic characters were pretty clever.Nicki -- Yeah, the juggling games would be probably pretty out there, but I did find a website that listed something like 50 juggling games. I never knew!Lee
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Appearance4 Stars
Audience response4 Stars
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At last, somenoe comes up with the "right" answer!
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