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The question "What If?" can bring wonder back into our lives...
Harry Sherwood
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
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Harry Sherwood, a Southern California native and co-founder of - both an online and in person wellness start-up - inspires audiences, locally and globally, to lead lives of ever new wonder. Harry's journey to success took a true leap of faith when he left behind the only world he knew in 2010 and went "off to see the wizard."  His quest for discovery, rooted in experience, lead him to spend thousands of hours in meditation, to a degree in Consciousness Studies from the University of Michigan, and to some of the world’s finest Shao Lin Temples and Yoga Ashrams.

As an inspirational speaker, Harry aspires to give his audiences the permission to dream again.  He draws upon his times spent traveling the world living with yogis, monks, and martial arts masters to inspire wonder. Harry has found wellness to be so much more than how often one exercises or what one eats. His many years of research has lead him to conclude true health to be the amalgamation of passion, purpose, and conscious lifestyle decisions. Join Harry on his journey down the rabbit hole!
Audiences will learn how to use three forces to affect change... 
  • Wonder - One of the greatest tragedies in life is when we lose our belief that anything is possible.  Without true amazement, wonder, and belief in the unknown, building our dreams will forever be limited.  
  • Health - Creativity, clarity of mind, and cognitive functioning are all deeply affected by our state of overall health.  Learning to utilize health as a foundation for growth is pivotal in reaching for our highest level of success.
  • Passionate Action - Aimless action is often fruitless and discouraging.  Inaction only guarantees that tomorrow we will be where we are today... or even a step behind.  Taking purposeful and passionate action is the only way to make sure your dreams come to life.