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Power Prospecting Secrets
How to More Quickly Fill Your Sales Funnel with Interested Prospects
Bruce Painter
Dallas, TX 75035
Rated: Rated 5 Stars by 5 Organizations
Rated 5 Stars by 5 Organizations

What does it take to create the kind of connection with a prospect that inspires them to be interested in your product or service?

Bruce Painter, sales psychology expert, is the go-to person for sales organizations and also small business owners to more quickly fill their sales funnel with plenty of interested prospects, and cut back on the stress involved in sales.

“His secret sauce” is his understanding of the Psychology of sales because of an early background as a therapist, combined with over 20 years of sales consulting. Bruce shares sales psychology secrets that give you a competitive edge.

Bruce has an understanding of internal obstacles that stop sales success. He believes the number one obstacle that costs businesses millions of dollars in loss is prospecting reluctance. He helps sales people breakthrough their barriers to be able to prospect more easily, and increase their sales.

As a sales consultant, Bruce uses his laser focused coaching skills with his clients. The first consultation is a personal strategy session to help them jump start where they are in their business. The coaching continues with a customized program to help each individual accomplish their goals.

Mr. Painter has much experience making sales calls himself.  He has cold called bank executives and commercial realtors as part of his being in the multifamily real estate mortgage industry for the past 8 years. He has also cold called best-selling authors, small business owners, and he also knocked on the doors of small businesses, resulting in 25 people signing up for paid training. 

His client list ranges from a head of an Equitable Life Office of a major city to two of the top 10 ERA realtors in the nation. 

Get Bruce to speak at your next event and your audience will love you for it.