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Helping stressed out business leaders to less stress and a healthy leadership
Dr Annika Sorensen
Lund, Sweden (Not in UK), Greater London 22009
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Dr Annika is an MD, specialized in family medicine and health promotion strategies. She has practiced in the Public Health System in Sweden for 30+, where she has met many thousands of patients with stress or stress related disease and she also works in a team doing assessments of working capacity on people on long term sick leave. And of course she has had her own share of devastating private tragedies so she has seen stress from all sides.

10 years ago she had had enough. She had a lovely family, 3 beautiful daughters and a loving husband, a so to speak status job but on her inside she was heading for depression. Something had to change. She took a course in stress management – to help herself – and all of a sudden everything came clear.

She quit her job and changed her daily mission from treating to preventing disease, and promoting health by working with stress management, health, wealth and a happy work life. Especially for business leaders and their work groups wanting more fun and higher profit in work. 

Today she runs her own company, and mentors business professionals, executives and corporate leaders with an emphasis on stress, health promotion, work assessment and other business related issues.

Through her company, Dr. Annika offers a number of workshops, webinars and events and is a regular public speaker on topics related to stress management and healthy living. She is also the author of the top-rated stress management book, “Take Stress from Chaos to Calm” and its follow up companion “My De-Stress Diary.”


Hire Dr Annika for:

  • Breakfast/Lunch/Evening-meetings
  • Kick off inspirations,
  • Workshops half-day / full-day
  • Any other event when you need inspiration and knowledge to take your staff and yourself out of the deep black hole of stress.

Dr. Annika’s Speaking Subjects:

  • From Stressed Out, Maxed Out and Burned Out to Calm
  • Happiness at work – about work environment
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Other subjects within Dr Annika’s knowledgebase may be discussed