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Bruce’s History Lessons
Historian, syndicated newspaper columnist, regular radio talk-show guest
Bruce G. Kauffmann, Historian
Alexandria, VA 22301
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“As a speaker Bruce Kauffmann is knowledgeable, responsive and a delight to work with under any circumstances.  In fact, his talks are always the highlight of our program, and we truly appreciate how skillfully he shares his insights with our active older adults.  I know he will bring his passionate view of history to any audiences looking for a better understanding of American history, and if anyone thinking of booking Bruce as a speaker has any questions, feel free to contact me.  I will be happy to share my experiences with this excellent speaker.”  Kandy Hutman, Education Program Director, the Jewish Community Center, Rockville, MD.

Bruce G. Kauffmann is a historian, syndicated newspaper columnist, author of two books (with a third just completed), and frequent lecturer on historic topics, in particular the Founding Fathers and the creation of the American government through the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  He is also a frequent guest on talk radio, where he is asked to weigh in on the constitutionality of many public policy issues, including Supreme Court decisions, legislation, executive orders, and the like.

He lectures on Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, but also lectures on two other heroes of his, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill. On his  history website, visit the "Host a Lecture" link ( to read a synopsis of Bruce’s lectures.  In addition, his graduate thesis “James Madison: The Godfather of the Constitution,” was published in the Summer 1997 edition of Early American Review ( and remains in the Top Ten of the magazine’s most read articles.  It is also published on the website of the Constitutional Law Foundation, the website “Know Your Constitution” (Published by King’s College), the PresidentsUSA website, the website of the Intercollegiate Studies Institution, and many others.  It is also cited as source material in countless articles on Madison, and it is required reading in the history departments of a number of high schools and colleges across the country, including the University of Florida.

Previously Bruce was a speechwriter for CBS News managing editor and news anchor, Dan Rather, as well as the head writer for the CBS News radio program, “Dan Rather Reporting, News Analysis and Commentary.”  In this position he won several writing awards and citations from the Writer’s Guild of America, including the 1990 award for “Best Spot News Radio” writer and the 1991 Hal Terkel Memorial award for general excellence in news writing. 

Read his short (450 words), entertaining, nationally syndicated history column (under the "Read" icon) on his history website.  If you are interested in Bruce lecturing before your group, please contact him at, or contact his agent and publicist, Tracey Shifflett, at