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Creative Leadership
Getting to the Core of Your Leadership Style
Doug Timberlake
Chicago, IL 60601
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I believe our stories have power. My passion is utilizing all forms of media (mainly television and documentaries) as a way to inspire, engage, enroll, teach, and surprise. Media at its best conveys how remarkable the human spirit really is. Good storytelling can transform us by creating connection, empathy, understanding, insight … and then ultimately open us up to being changed.

I’m a personal/executive coach with years of experience training professionals in the art of incorporating creativity and innovation into their everyday business lives. For the past 20 years, I’ve worked nationally and internationally in professional radio and television production. Besides that, I’m a published author, a motivational speaker, and the creator of The Comedy Café—a sidesplitting improvisational event that travels across the country performing for various corporate enterprises.

If you were to meet me, you’d quickly find that I have a quick-witted sense of humor, blow-the-lid-off creativity, sky’s-the-limit thinking, and anything’s-possible perspectives. I’m energized by collaborative work and am jazzed by instilling the process with laughter, playfulness, passion, imagination and fun. I have a strong thread of fearlessness that runs through me. I love the danger of trying out something new (so what if it fails!), and of suggesting different ways to instill the “same old, same old” with life and energy in order to create a product that’s fresh and compelling.