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Career Coaching to achieve your personal best on the job.
Comprehensive vocational services offered to anyone over 16.
Barbara Azzam, M.Ed.,LPC,CRC,CVE
Huntsville, AL 35813
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We offer comprehensive vocational services including Career Coaching, Vocational Assessment, Interviewing Skills training, Job Seeking Skills training, Resume preparation, and Cover letter development. We can help teens making their first big employment decisions and seasoned workers who would like to take their current career to the next level or transition to a new career. We offer valuable support to the job seeker who was laid off or "downsized" and may need to re-invent their careers.

We offer help filing for Social Security Disability for workers who are unable to sustain full time work activity at any occupation. The filing and appeal of the denial are complicated processes. Having help from an experienced professional can make this process easier and more expedient.

Mrs. Azzam is a Licensed Professional Counselor and holds many certifications related to vocational counseling, coaching and assessment. She has over 20 years of experience working with physically challenged workers and youth to develop comprehensive career plans based on personal strengths and preferences.