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From Fizzle to Sizzle - Rekindle the Passion in your life
Discover, Embrace, and Live your Greatest Dreams!
Jan Presley
Saint George, UT 84790
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Jan Presley believes that aiming for the stars, moving toward something awesome and fabulous in life, is much more powerful than moving away from what we say we don’t want. Her seminars personify this concept – she creates a safe yet challenging environment while offering trainees the opportunity to confront themselves; to recognize and challenge false beliefs; to discover and reclaim their marvelous, unique qualities; and finally, to choose living their greatest life over just surviving in their smallness. Jan believes this is the path that leads to personal empowerment, and personal empowerment is the key to manifesting great dreams.


Like many of us, Jan believes the world is poised to embrace a new consciousness; the world is eager for a new GPS – the guidance system we’ve been using is clearly not working! This new Global Passion Spirit guides our hearts to Joy and Fulfillment as we set our sites on our greatest Dreams and Passions. This new GPS embraces Love, Peace, and Abundance for everyone as its guiding principles. Jan has created a one day workshop that teaches these principles and delivers solid tools designed for Action. It’s time for everyone to become a Manifestation Master! It’s time for everyone to Live Their Dreams! The GPS Workshop is a challenging, fun, highly interactive day – an invitation to determine, embrace, and joyfully Live Your Dreams and Passions! Find out more at

Founded in 2008, Free Hugs 4 Us, Inc. has emanated from Jan’s passionate desire to make a difference in the world. Free Hugs 4 Us is a non-profit corporation dedicated to making a difference in the world by sponsoring self improvement workshops, retreats, and seminars for individuals and families who could not otherwise afford to attend such events. Free Hugs 4 Us has also become the vehicle for other organizations to raise funds for their own cause. Through a unique fundraising program, Free Hugs 4 Us has been a contribution to churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations around the world. Find out more at


About Jan….

Jan Presley is a transformational trainer and has been facilitating seminars and workshops since 1997. She has contributed to literally thousands of individuals and families as they pursue their greatest dreams in life. In addition to training all over the United States, she has facilitated trainings in Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Western SamoaShe holds certifications through the Resource Realizations Coaching Academy including Certified Performance Coach and Practitioner of NLP. She is also a Certified Passion Test Facilitator and Calyco Healing Energy Facilitator.