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Retirement As You Want It
Create the life you want when you leave your mid-life career
Karma Kitaj
Boston, MA 02445
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Karma walks her talk. She's an active, engaged certified coach, PhD licensed psychotherapist, published author of books about high-achieving people and peak experience (,  and she's a motivational speaker.

Karma hosts a TV show in the Boston area, called: "Alivelihood: New Careers As We Age," where she interviews people who've segued from their mid-years' career to something new and engaging. She authors a blog called: and writes for the ezines, and

Her programs target active, passionate boomers (and beyond) who want to create a meaningful, purposeful after leaving their mid-years' career - individual, couple, and group coaching in person or on the phone.

Another niche is: people who have nourished others all their lives and want to balance giving to others and to themselves - "Now It's Time for You."

For people who want to experience Flow, that wonderful feeling of being fully present, fully invested in what you're doing - how do you capitalize on your passions, your values, and your skills to get to the optimal feeling of Flow?

Karma and her husband discovered the joys of horseback riding in their middle years and are passionate about their horses and riding.