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Synergistic Coaching & Consulting, LLC
Tomorrow Starts Today - Coaching For transformational success!
John H. Spenker
San Francisco, CA 94103
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The Coaching Process

...for transformational success!
You (the coachee) are the foundation of the coaching process.
You are responsible for your achievements and success. This is a key distinction from the consulting process, in which the hired consultant provides a solution, action plan, and takes ownership for driving results. The coaching process is very different. Within the coaching context, you are the driver of your success. The coach partners with you to facilitate the actualization of goals. The key to the process is the synergism of our partnership.

All too often a goal is identified and a solution is immediately sought. Within my unique coaching process, you evaluate the relationship you have to the goal(s) at hand. For example, what behaviors are needed to manifest the goal? What are your hidden and non hidden beliefs about the goal? How do behaviors and beliefs work for you or against you and how do we plan to ensure success? Together we define and refine your goals—creating a definitive picture of what you want to achieve and the elements required to ensure success. Together we then look at strengths, weaknesses, natural abilities, and areas you need to develop. We go beyond completing tasks and to-do lists to a level of understanding core attitudes, beliefs, and their impact on you as you work the coaching process. By integrating your emotional and intellectual self, you will achieve sustainable results.