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  • What do I want to Be, Do and Have
  • Uncovering Limiting Beliefs
  • Get Ready for Love
  • Dating after 50
  • 10 Steps for Finding your Life Partner
  • Be The Choosser
Discover the Life that you Love
Your Quality of Life is Directly Related to your Quality of Relationships
Teri A. Wolfe
Houston, TX 77581
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Relationships are a fundamental part of our lives; life is really all about relationships, starting with the relationship we have with ourselves, our romantic and family relationships, and the relationships we have with friends and co-workers.  Relationships are woven into every aspect of our lives.  It stands to reason that the more we increase our self-awareness and improve our relationship skills, the more fulfilled and happy our lives will be.
As a professionally trained and licensed Relationship Coach, I can help move you into action, keep you on track and keep you motivated.  My assistance can dramatically accelerate the process of you achieving your dreams and goals for fulfilling relationships and a life that you love.