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  • Values and Interdependent Values as Causal Performance Indicators
  • Managing Polarities for Individual, Team and Organzational Performance
  • How To Identify and Manage Unsolvable Problems
  • Demystifying the Elusive "IT" in high-performing organizations, teams and leaders
  • Seeing and Tapping the Power of "IT" -- Xperience IT!
Xperience LLC,
HOW to achieve the elusive "IT" -- sustainable achievement of high-performance
W. "Cliff" Kayser III SPHR, MSOD/MSHR
Washington, DC 20003
Rated: Rated 3 Stars by 3 Organizations
Rated 3 Stars by 3 Organizations

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Helping You Create Sustainable Competitive Advantage Is the Xperience Competitive Advantage

There are five critical issues in organizations today according to business literature, my own experience, and the experience of close colleagues and thought leaders I have worked with in diverse large and small systems. They are:

1. How to manage "unsolvable problems" - polarities, paradoxes, and dilemmas
2. How to attract and retain talented people
3. How to achieve mission and increase value for shareholders/stakeholders
4. How to increase creativity and productivity
5. How to build and maintain an ethical corporate culture

Developing and measuring "wholeness" of personal leadership and corporate culture is the most significant source of competitive advantage and brand differentiation in business today. Why?

The research us clear -- values-driven organizations that manage polarities well are the most successful companies.

  • Values drive culture
  • Culture drives employee fulfillment
  • Employee fulfillment drives customer satisfaction
  • Customer satisfaction drives shareholder value
  • Awareness, understanding of the distinction between "Either/Or" problems to solve AND "Both/And" polarities to manage reduces cultural entropy, promotes sustainable growth, and change-ability

Experience "IT" -- sustainable achievement of high-performance.

  • See IT -- the whole picture for effective decision making; 
  • Map IT --  both causal and outcome performance measures;
  • Tap IT -- achieve a synergy and use resistance as a resource for change;and,
  • Track IT -- Achieve a "return on eXperience" (ROX).