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  • "I'm Not Dead Yet! Leadership Lessons from the ICU"
Vivid Epiphany - Brain-Based Coaching
Business and Corporate Coach, Speaker, and Consultant
Carolann Jacobs
Plano, TX 75075
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Carolann Jacobs is a business and corporate coach, speaker, and consultant.  She is the founder of Vivid Epiphany, a company that specializes in coaching middle managers who feel stuck in the midst of rapidly changing priorities and competing personal agendas.  Carolann helps them to strengthen their leadership skills and behaviors, so that they can increase their productivity by managing more effectively, improve the bottom line, and create 180 degree opportunities for advancement.

Carolann's typical clients include:

  • New managers and directors with significantly expanded responsibilities
  • Managers who've been passed over for promotion or haven't had time for career development and now find themselves "stuck in the middle" or "on the firing line"
  • Managers who are accountable for results without the authority to effect change
  • Companies that want to develop leadership competencies throughout their organization.

Coaching Process

Carolann has a proven program for the "sandwich generation of managers," who want to strengthen their leadership skills, improve productivity and create new opportunities for advancement.  We build the professional foundation for great leadership in five key areas:

  • Vision and Confidence.  In the words of Steven Covey, we will begin our work together with the end in mind.  You'll have the opportunity to exercise that strategic thinking muscle as you revisit what motivates you to be a better leader, develop your vision, and build your belief that you have what it takes to get there.
  • Assess the Here & Now.  Next, together we will identify your communication and relationship behaviors that are predictive of both success and derailment/mediocrity.
  • Become More Resilient.  Think change is hard?  Learn How to Create New Behavior Patterns Faster. During this step we'll explore the benefits of better thinking and how the brain works so that the incremental changes we make over the course of our time together become lifelong habits....easier and faster!
  • Communicate to Win.  At this point, you will learn to avoid conflicts created by stylistic differences.  You'll discover how you can enforce the integrity of those around you in a way that doesn't damage your relationships.  Through this process, you'll learn how to build influence, ruin the "blame game," and become the cool cucumber.  This is the foundation for how you will get people on board and build your reputation as a highly respected and effective leader.
  • Facilitate Better Thinking.  After that, you'll develop the ability to lead others to use their brain as a tool to think for themselves in a way that generates the results you want without your constant involvement.  You'll also be able to direct and develop more people so that you can expand your bandwidth and influence and step into that next role.


Credentials & Professional Experience

Carolann is a graduate of Coach Uninversity and has taken additional advanced coursework from Corporate Coach University.  She is a certified FAST Facilitator through MG Rush, the co-founder of JAD, and earned her Project Management Professional Certification from the Project Management Institute.

Carolann has a strong background in both business and liberal arts.  She graduated with honors from Southern Methodist University's Cox School of Business and Dedman College.  She's is a lifelong learner, having invested significantly on leadership and other improvement programs.

Then as a manager for both Fortune 20 companies and startups, Carolann utilized coaching, and she understands how to develop people for success.   And, as a successful entrepreneur, she also appreciates what it takes to make the transition between a career and business owner.


Public Speaking

Carolann's current speaking program focuses on sharing her knowledge and experience in leadership for managers and the managers who lead them.  Carolann speaks to corporations, quarterly annual meetings, and lunch and learns/brown bags.  She also speaks to groups and associations. 


Her signature talk, "I'm Not Dead Yet! Leadership Lessons From the ICU" is a high-energy, inspirational, educational and humorous adventure in how leaders can be their personal best and enjoy their leadership journey, even in these challenging times.


For more information about how to book Carolann for your next group meeting, send an email to or visit the website at

Complimentary Consultation

Carolann offers a 45-minute complimentary consultation to individuals who are interested in experiencing her coaching and wanting to learn more about how her program can help them strengthen their leadership skills, improve productivity and create new opportunities for advancement.  To learn more, send an email to or visit the website at