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Leadership Solutions for Sustainable Change
Dynamic approaches to leading global, virtual and organizational change efforts
Sherry L Read
Wilmington, DE 19806
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Sherry Read , MS, MBA, Certified Professional Coach, and strategic human resource consultant. Sherry is an engaging speaker, presenter, and workshop leader. She is known for taking complex ideas and communicating them in a simple, concise and understandable manner. Building on her focus on leadership in global change and improvement initiatives, she is sought after to speak to senior leadership teams, emerging leaders, expatriates and coaches.

Topics include:

  • Leadership in global organizations
  • Leading virtual teams
  • Developing talent using six sigma and lean initiatives
  • Navigating organizational politics across country lines
  • Building conflict competence - as individuals and teams
  • Managing office politics and building influence capabilities
  • Developing leadership agility
  • Coaching for retention
  • Coaching skills in organizations

Learn more about Sherry and Read Solutions Group at

Working across the globe
Based in Wilmington, Delaware