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My Sample Titles:
  • Developing Life Strategies 101
  • Single Parenting/Surviving Divorce - All
  • Why do They Do That? And What Do I do About It?- Parenting
  • Standing at the Cross Roads of Relationships
  • Disturbing Behavior Seminar
Family Dymanics:Parent and Teen Coaching
Personal, Family and Teen Coaching
Dr. Lee Vukich
Lynchburg, VA 24503
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Family Dynamics exists to improve individual and family relationships through education on current issues that is purposeful and practical.  This is accomplished through "coaching" sessions, seminars and workshops that work with individual/family members to overcome problems, close the distance in relationships and heal wounds.  Through "coaching", individuals/families will become stronger, better educated and gain the strategies necessary to succeed at life. Our desire is to impact individuals, parents and youth to define who they are, discover there potential and thrive for a lifetime.

Our principle, Dr. Vukich is an expert on current youth culture and the isuses that teens face in todays world.  Dr. Vukich has co-written three books "Disturbing Behavior: 53 alarming trends and how to spot them", Prcotecting Teens from Disturbing Behavior" and Timeless Youth Ministry.

Contact [email protected] for workshop and seminar listing.