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  • Alcoholism/Drug Addiction
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Personal Coaching & Psychotherapy for Women, LLC
A Private Practice Dedicated to Helping Women Achieve More Satisfying Lives
Personal Coaching & Psychotherapy
Cartersvile, GA 30120
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My name is Pamela Barge, LPC, NCC, DCC. I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in the state of Georgia, a National Certified Counselor and a Distance Certified Counselor. I am the owner of and serve as the director of Personal Coaching & Psychotherapy for Women, LLC in Cartersville, Georgia. We are a group of independent licensed clinicians and coaches dedicated to helping women through psychotherapy and coaching to achieve richer and more satisfying lives.  The women who come to us are intelligent, savvy, discriminating women who want personalized focused professional help in overcoming some hurdle in their lives.  They are resourceful, they do their research and demand the best.

The issues we address are those around relationships, career, major life transitions, grief,loss, bereavement and depression.

The theoretical foundation of our practice is Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Theory (MBCT).  Google it.  It's evidence-based and proven effective.

We offer a full range of services from free weekly mindfulness meditation practice and discussion, to Women's Focused Living group therapy, half day and day long workshops, weekend retreats, and individual sessions. 

We are distance certified clinicians meaning that we have obtained the necessary training to insure that you will be receiving best care practices through our online, email, chat and telephonic long distance care.

Call us today at 678-230-8127 or email me at