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  • Adolescent behavior
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My Sample Titles:
  • The truth about Business Coaching and its impact on your business
  • The New Leadership Equation: Success in Times of Uncertainty
  • The Engines that Move your Business
  • Your Best 2011 starts TODAY!!!
Unlocking Your Success Potential
The Passionate Future Project
Jaime Yordán-Frau, M.S.
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028
Rated: Rated 3 Stars by 1 Organizations
Rated 3 Stars by 1 Organizations

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Through our proprietary system, The Passionate Future Project, we aim at refocusing the current education focus from succeeding in school to preparing people to succeed in life.  Through our vast experience, we know first-hand that people tend to increase their chances at success the closer they are to being passionate about what they do for a living.  Through The Passionate Future Project we help people of all ages discover what they are truly passionate about and create a life-plan that will allow them to create and reach a highly successful life.  Then we work in assisting our clients to follow through their commitments to their life-plan in order to achieve their desired goals.