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  • Funding Your Business, Finance Your Passion
  • Business Start Up Basics
  • Using NLP in your Business
  • Business Credit Made Easy
  • Keys to Your Future
Get Money to Fund Your Passion!
Creator of "The Business Codex." A Money Getting System & NLP for Business.
Jorge Bueno
Los Angeles, CA 90210
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Jorge teaches you how to get more money into your life so that you can finally Start Up or Expand your Business. The Business Codex presentation helps you to become UNBLOCKED to Prosperity. You then start to establish the correct Mental Wealth Foundation to ensure your business success.

The idea is to build an "Incredible Fortress," as you become congruent in all areas of your life. The presentation includes NLP strategies for communication and real world street smarts so that you become Unstoppable in your personal & business relationships.

Jorge is available to keynote, train, lecture, or to speak at your event and offer his home study course product from the platform to your attendees.

Jorge's training can be tailored to be pertinent to your audience. A Business Codex presentaion can last as little as 30 minutes and go on as long as 3 days, adding additional elements such as Business Credit, Business Start Up Financing, Commerce Training, & even Group Inductions for Guided Imagery Success Meditations. Joint ventures are welcomed, we can arrange:

- Webinar Event
- 90 minute Presentation
- 2 Hour Presentation
- Half Day or Full Day Training

Jorge also has the ability to certify others in NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming. The attendees must complete 120 hours of training and exercises.The Business Codex NLP Certification is approved by the Association for Integrative Psychology.

Contact: [email protected]