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My Sample Titles:
  • Generational Collaboration in the Workplace
  • Motivating Millennials at Work
  • Transforming Your World
  • How Tough is Your Mettle?
  • Relation-ships in the New Millenni... um.
  • Bridging Inner and Outer Realities for Life Balance
  • Social Media Mayhem to Metanoia
Be The Dream - mold possibilities into reality!
Zen Benefiel, ma, mba, cht, tlc - Possibility Coagulator @ Be The Dream LLC
Zen Benefiel
Chandler, AZ 85286
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Zen Benefiel - Possibilities Coagulator

"I consider Zen to be one of those superlative examples of what the human brain can storezen benefiel in srf garden, oceanside, CAand serve up in unique and appealing ways at will on most any occasion or assignment. To say his range of knowledge and interests are "eclectic" is engaging in understatement. And this is what makes his services as a "possibilities coagulator" for his clients so valuable and exciting. Smart fellow! Great ally!" Dudley Lynch - Owner, Brain Technologies, Inc.

Zen Benefiel is a multi-master's degreed author, coach, consultant, educator, facilitator, minister and performer with a passion for education and facilitation, a true 'possibilities coagulator.' He engages collaborative alliances that lead to dynamic partnerships and successful projects in social architecture to benefit the community and world at large. His presentations are humorous and insightful.

His life has been full of adaptations to awareness from growth in self-awareness and evolving understanding of profound and often perplexing metaphysical experiences which, in his opinion, is a cornerstone of linking and living in the crucible of science and spirituality.

He founded Be The Dream in 1988, while coordinating a $7 million/month spare parts program for an aerospace company. Be The Dream's mission was to promote holistic understanding in business and personal achievement. During the same period he was involved with organizing events and promoting an organization made up of over 30 member groups. While researching indigenous culture, history and wisdom he found a deep connection to all his relations.

He produced and hosted over 100 television shows in the early 90s that peered into the depths of how we transform our lives from anger, fear, ignorance and immobility to achieve a more fulfilling life in personal and professional achievement. His insight in developing deep and probing questions sparked equally deep answers, revealing intimate transformative processes in response.

His guests listened and learned to lean into their fears regarding executing the process of achieving their goals and objectives. Guests included the gamut of ascending from homelessness to election as a city councilperson.

The 1990s included the shows, coordinating huge arts and music festivals as well as producing conferences. After earning an MBA and Secondary teaching certification and then two-year emergency certification in Special Ed, he taught at 5 different high schools (full-charge of two charter high school curricula) while trying to find a 'business' position to complete his 'certification'. His journalism class (school newspaper) got accolades from the printer as being the best in 5 years. He also led a freshman special ed English class through researching and writing a term paper.

While earning his second master's degree in Organizational Management, he wrote a project plan for a model village specifically designed with peer-community leadership, organic holistic education models of instruction and green technology coupled with a data center that would provide self-sufficiency and sustainability within a few years. Resources and timing weren't supportive of the effort.

After the turn of the century, pre-construction partnering workshops for building, road & bridge projects became a focus. Meanwhile, he continued to produce many things featured on his digital vitae here.

Currently he runs Planck Social Media Agency, co-hosts 2 Small Biz Guys on-demand radio and provides small business classes on a variety of topics.