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  • Get Hired Now!
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  • Show Me the Money - Three Sure-Fire Business Planning Strategies for Bigger Bucks
  • The Formula For Success
Building business fast. Where do you want to go next?
Emerging to Exploding Susatinable Business Growth
Jeannette Kraar
Melbourne, FL 32909
Rated: Rated 4 Stars by 3 Organizations
Rated 4 Stars by 3 Organizations

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Are you tired of sweating out the "end of month blues" when you're hoping your receivables are bigger then your account payables?

Do you have a great product or service but you're the best kept secret in the industry?

Would you like to grab more clients, or increase your sales or improve your margins?

Jeannette has helped entrepreneurs and small business owners successfully manage and profitably grow their companies for over two decades. Her dual approach provides professional development for the business owner and business development for the organization to equip and position her clients for unprecedented growth. She focuses on business drivers that encompass the organizations' mission, functional requirements, management methods and growth objectives to allow small business owners to flourish in their required roles as the company entrepreneur, manager, technician and investor.

Jeannette helps her clients to define and pro-actively manage the strategic and functional changes that are required for successful, profitable growth now, and help to position business owners for the most profitable expansion or exit strategies in the future. (Building a business can be costly. Selling one for the maximum price when you're ready to move on or retire is priceless.)

For more information, contact Jeannette at or 305-726-8357.