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  • Business Coaching/ Consulting
  • Business Development
  • Coaching
  • Communication
  • Database Management
  • Decision Making
  • Difficult People
  • Empowerment
  • Image/Self Esteem
  • Mental Health
  • Organizational Skills
  • Personality types
  • Problem Solving
  • Productivity
  • Relationships
  • Success
  • Time Management/Self Management
  • Virtual workplace issues
My Sample Titles:
  • Ready Set Go Leveraging Your Time
  • Determine Your Direction
  • Empowered To Take Action
  • Tools To Implement
  • Success Planning
  • Finding Your Focus
  • Prioritizing Work and Life
  • Being An Assertive You
  • Finding The Leader Within
  • Delegation, Delegation, Delegation
  • Saying No - Without Guilt
  • Taking Control Of Your Time - Time Management
  • Do You Manage Emails or Emails Manage You?
  • How Clean Is Your Database?
  • Developing Leads Into Relationships
  • Organization Really Is Easy
  • Stress Management
  • Creative Problem Solving
Ready Set Go - Leveraging Your Time
Discover the why behind your struggles with Leveraging Your Time.
Dannie Frey
Hendersonville, NC 28792
Rated: Rated 5 Stars by 1 Organizations
Rated 5 Stars by 1 Organizations

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I believe in Leveraging Your Time to do what you need to do, want to do, and love to do! You can find the time you need to pursue your passions by taking control of your time as you break down your limiting beliefs.  

Lack of priorities, waiting for inspiration, doing everything yourself, worrying about what people will say, not living your life, the fear, complaining, unfinished tasks, trying to please everybody, comparing yourself, repeating the same mistakes, and perfectionism are 12 of the most common time wasters. How many do you identify with from the list?

Leveraging Your Time workshops, speaking events, online courses, and materials are a roll up your sleeves, dig down deep, ask tough questions and find real answers opportunity to learn why you do or don’t do what you need to do to Leverage Your Time effectively. IWe discuss the 12 components to Leveraging Your Time: Determining Your Direction - Success Planning, Finding Your Focus, and Prioritizing Your Work and Life; Empowered to Take Action - Assertiveness, Leadership, Delegation, Saying No; Tools To Implement - Time Management, Email Management, Database Management, Lead/Relationship Development and Organization. 

For speaking events, the organizer has the option of the following: 

One of the three (3) categories - Determining Your Direction, Empowered To Take Action, or Tools To Implement*.

Up to four (4) of the 12 components - Success Planning, Finding Your Focus, Prioritizing Work and Life, Assertiveness, Leadership, Delegation, Saying No, Time Management*, Email Management*, Database Management*, Lead/Relationship Development, or Organization. 

One of the 12 components - listed above as the only topic spoken about during the event. 

What this provides you and me, the opportunity to develop content that works with the issues your organization needs the most attention. 

*The Tools To Implement category discusses how to effectively use these tools as it relates to Leveraging Your Time - using the skills learned in Empowered To Take Action to determine the why behind your struggles in Leveraging Your Time.

Here is a link to my speaker sheet PDF

Love this [LYT Facebook Group] post....I learned how to figure out my boundaries with so much on my     plate...its an awesome feeling!  — M. K. Johnson

Dannie, speaking in front of groups is your calling. You made us all feel like we were the only one here that you were speaking too... and you really know how to engage us all.  — Penny, Huntersville, NC

Dannie, you are the best speaker we have ever had. We all love you. This is what you are made for, speaking to people about tough topics.  — Lorrie, Hendersonville, NC

Dannie, I want to tell you that I have been reading everything you are putting on there (Leveraging Your Time Group Page). I don’t even know where to begin other than I needed this. (details of his experience removed for privacy purposes) Your encouragement is incredibly nourishing. I love your memes and posts. The last few have helped me to see the truth and allowed me to see the truth and allowed me, once again, believe. Thank you, friend,  — Ken D.

Diligent, integrous, thoughtful. Dannie has the ability to interact with a wide variety of groups and styles. I have no reservations about recommending her.  — Ben Ochs, Owner, Palmeau & Associates, LLC

Working with Dannie has made me realize how much more I’m capable of doing! She is so on top of things. If you live in the Hendersonville Area please check [Leveraging Your Time Hendersonville] out! I work with the amazing lady once a week and love our time together. So very helpful and knowledgeable...  — Hope V.

Thank you very much Dannie. Your page is really useful to me as an entrepreneur who is struggling to find time to get things done in chaotic environment that I live in the moment.Your page has a lot to offer me. At least now i have something useful to do while i browse facebook and that is to read stuffs and tip on your page. Because sometimes i feel guilt of wasting time on facebook. I’ll continue to learn more and digest almost all material you put on your page until they become second hand to me. Thanks. and these questions in your pdf are really tough.  — Doni Brysoni Mbaga.