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My Sample Titles:
  • Unshakeable Joy - Keys to Becoming a Manifesting Magnet!
  • Turn Your Stress and Worries into Joyful Living in 21 Days or Less - 7 Tips from A Life Transformation Expert
  • How to Survive Politics/Election Time with Your Sanity and without Making Enemies
  • Supercharge Your Spiritual Connection with 7 Easy-to-Implement (and quick) Techniques
  • Beautiful You - Yes YOU!
The "Joy" lady!
Unshakeable Joy for a Total Life Transformation
McCartney Green
Jonesboro, GA 30236
Rated: Rated 5 Stars by 2 Organizations
Rated 5 Stars by 2 Organizations

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McCartney Green, sometimes known as "The JOY Lady," is the of author 14 books (so far,) an inspirational/motivational speaker, a spiritual mentor and life transformation coach. Her books include an epic 8-book romantic action-adventure series called Dandelions Never Die, and several inspirational books about spiritual alignment, making the law of attraction work in our favor, living on purpose, ending racial tensions in America, and finding true unshakeable joy.

She is the creator of Unshakeable Joy - 7 Keys to a Happy Life AND Becoming a Manifesting Magnet, an easy-to-implement formula to help people find true joy in their lives AND achieve their heart’s desires. She is the mother of 7, grandmother of 13, and an ordained minister.

McCartney’s personal mission is to first teach others that it is indeed possible to have a deep unshakeable joy that does not depend on outside circumstances,  and then to show them the real steps to take to accomplish just that.

McCartney’s formula has helped people to relieve sadness, hopelessness, depression, mend relationships, overcome traumas, and make people wake up in the morning with a smile on their faces, joy in their hearts and raring to go. Business owners, leaders, teachers, coaches, parents, have used her formula for joy to transform their endeavors into giant successes!

McCartney believes in miracles, in joy and in the power of love. She has spoken to transcendent beings, heavenly messengers who have opened her eyes to amazing things. With their help she has cracked the code for living in absolute joy. She was given a simple formula for unshakeable joy that she now shares with others to achieve their fondest dreams, and help change the world.

It is completely POSSIBLE to live a joyful life. Isn't that the essence of what everyone truly seeks? You want money why? You want love why? You want to be famous why? You want a nice home and car why? Every one is really searching for joy.

**Employers - If your employees knew the easy-to-implement keys to living a joyful life:

  • Employee moral would skyrocket and
  • Customer service would go through the roof!

**Parents  - If you learned how to stop stressing and live in joy, and then taught your children the same thing:

  • Home environment would be happy and stress-free
  • Worry over your children's lives would cease to exist!

**Coaches and Athletes - What is holding you back? Implement the keys and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Now you can follow the super easy formula and experience Explosive Life Transformations!

•    How to feel absolute joy even on your worse days

•    Discover a two-second technique that can change your life

•    The fastest, easiest way to raise your vibration

•    Learn the #1 thing that causes disconnect and stress

•    The one simple thing we forget to do that makes us think God is not listening

•    Bask in the “secret” delicious side-effect of unshakeable joy