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Where the mysteries of autism are revealed 1 story at a time
Autism: Diagnosis to Independence
Liz Becker
Wytheville, VA 24382
Rated: Rated 5 Stars by 4 Organizations
Rated 5 Stars by 4 Organizations

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Liz has been inspiring parents and professionals for almost 29 years.  Her emphasis is on encouraging others to look past the behaviors associated with autism to see who the child really is.   Her message to parents and anyone wanting to know if a diagnosis of moderate to severe autism means a life of dependence, group home or institutional placement - is no. 

There is another choice - independence.  Yes, it is possible, it can happen!  Almost 6 million people from around the globe check on Matt's progress on her website, World According to Matt ( as he experiences his ultimate goal.



Liz Becker - autism parent, author, and speaker

Liz Becker - autism parent, author, and speaker

Author of "Autism and the World According to Matt - 50 inspirational short stories on raising a moderate / severe, mostly non-verbal autistic child from diagnosis to independence."



Never give up hope.  Matt was diagnosed in 1988 when he was only 2 years old.  Doctors recommended institutionalization.  Autism was rare - 1:10,000, there were no resources; no internet, no experts, no treatments. Liz learned that the expert on her child's autism was Liz herself.  She was the first to push for parents to realize that they were the experst for their child.

Matt not only deals with sensory issues, but also communication difficulties.  Liz realized early on that goals should not just be in the direction of where Matt needed to be, but also where he wanted to go with his life.


Year after year Liz and Matt broke new ground, paving the way for all those that came after.  Even with moderate / severe autism and being mostly non-verbal, Matt graduated number 4 in his class, a National Honor Roll student.  

Invite your guests to listen to this inspiring pioneer autism mom as she describes her and her son's journey on the autism road from long before there ever was a road, before there was even a path. Renew your hope.


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