Within five miles from where you are now, there are hundreds of qualified prospects
— perhaps even THOUSANDS —
eager to hear AND applaud you?
How much longer will you keep them waiting?

First they want to listen to you speak -- without interruption. Then they want to ask you questions about your expertise and your specialty.

Some may want an appointment with you right now A few want a business card to pass on to a dear friend who has an urgent need for what you offer. Many are ideal candidates for your pipeline because they will need your services in the months and years to come.

Smart professionals know this, and that’s why they continually look for speaking opportunities with local organizations catering to members that naturally fit their target market.

By becoming “THE SPEAKER” to groups that cater to your target market you AUTOMATICALLY position yourself as the GO-TO EXPERT in your specialty.

It´s like taking 40 people to lunch at once
— without it costing you a dime!

But wait. . . .

If you have ever actively pursued speaking opportunities then you know that this approach can be a great way to prospect, but finding the right speaking gigs can also be

A Time-sucking,
black hole of frustration.

That is why we created freespeakerbureau.com

  • No more hunting (or hoping) for a good local speaking opportunity.
  • No more wasting money giving "free seminars" that cost you thousands
  • No more begging and disrespect (at least, not from your speaking audience)
  • No more wasted hours speaking to an audience that has TOO LITTLE in common with your target market
  • No more wondering if the next group will treat you like a professional.

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Beware the "free seminar" trap that steals your time & money.

Some industry guru´s and publicity experts will tell you to put on your own free seminars to grow your business.

Here´s what they don´t tell you...

  1. You´ll easily burn through $4,000 just in marketing to get 50 targeted prospects into a room.
  2. You´ll have to pay to rent the room. (Not including add´l fees for a/v equipment, whiteboard use, even the microphone.)
  3. You´ll have to pay to feed the audience, or at least provide simple refreshments. (Think gas prices are expensive? Wait till you see the catering department´s bill for a few pots of seminar-room coffee!)

Is there an alternative to the free seminar trap? You bet there is!

"As President of the FPA of Broward, I can not wait to tell our members about this site. It will be an excellent way for our CFP® experts to reach out and maximize their potential as presenters. Thank you for providing this fabulous service.
Howard Kramer, CFP®, CLU, ChFC.

Instead, you can post your profile, topics, picture and video - even link your listing to your website—so that organizations who are looking for free speakers can easily find and pick you.

That´s right. Your membership at freespeakerbureau.com makes it easier for THEM to FIND YOU.

But you don´t have to sit back and wait. In fact, we encourage you to proactively search our database for groups that fit your target market and send them a link to view your profile and book you for a meeting.

You can start building your reputation as terrific local speaker now by inviting groups where you´ve already spoken to give you a review in your profile.

That way, other organizations will be able to learn more about you, and why you are the right speaker for their audience.

As a member you will also have help available to you from our panel of proven experts who can help you build your business fast. Through tele-seminars and online through this website, you can learn from their experience, avoid costly mistakes, and start building your business the right way.

Usually a service like this would cost thousands of dollars. And it would be worth every penny.

While we do have paid membership options where the bonuses alone are worth more than the price of membership, there is also a free membership option for those who are just getting started in their business and want to use the site to build their ratings and reputations.

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... "As President of the FPA of Broward, I can not wait to tell our members about this site. It will be an excellent way for our CFP® experts to reach out and maximize their potential as presenters. Thank you for providing this fabulous service.
Howard Kramer, CFP®, CLU, ChFC.

"As a founding partner of Women Helping Women Mastermind I´m delighted to learn about freespeakerbureau.com because it´s so user-friendly. You´ve totally simplified the process of finding quality presenters on the specific topics we need for our upcoming meetings, special events and teleseminars. What a great idea!"
Rosalind Sedacca, CCT
Partner, WomenHelpingWomen

"freespeakerbureau.com will be a great tool for me and huge time-saver. I speak about low and no-cost marketing techniques for service businesses and independent professionals. In the past, I´d spend a lot time prospecting for potential speaking engagements and sending off bio and presentation information. freespeakerbureau.com will cut that time investment way down and present me with opportunities I would never find without them."
Neil Tortorella
Tortorella Design & Marketing Consulting

"As the past president of the South Florida Chapter of WIFS, I know first hand how important and how difficult it can be to find good speakers for our monthly meetings.The service give us an opportunity to better evaluate and qualify hundreds of local candidates who are willing to speak to our members without a fee. freespeakerbureau.com will make it much quicker and easier to find great presenters with fresh, interesting and timely topics that build attendance and ultimately membership."
Odalis M. Lopez,CFP®
Health Insurance Expert, Sterling Benefits Group, LLC
Past President of Women in Insurance and Financial Services,
South Florida Chapter

"freespeakerbureau.com offers me a win-win proposition: As an executive coach working with professionals who finally want to launch their own business, I get to offer unlimited valuable content in a large group format while you put me front and center of potential niche markets."
Marian Morgan,
Professional Life & Business Coach, and owner of "That Great Idea", Miami

"What a great idea to put quality opportunities together with engaging and informative program presenters"
Joan Roberts-Gould, CLTC
All Vest Associates, Inc.
The "Go To" Professionals for Long-Term Care Insurance Solutions
President, National Assoc of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Broward, Florida Chapter (NAIFA-Broward)
Vice-Pres, NE Focal Point C.A.S.A Board: Senior, Adults, Alzheimer's Day Care & Community Center, Deerfield Beach, FL.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am sometimes paid to speak. Can I use this service to locate paid speaking gigs?

If you´re a paid speaker and you´ve not yet realized the immense value of unpaid speaking to promote your services, then this site is not for you. However, if you have a service or product that can be promoted through free speaking, then you are welcome to use this site to locate free local speaking opportunities.

How do I know that I´m not too inexperienced to speak in public?

If this all feels new and scary, then focus first on gaining experience. This site will help you line up the kind of experience that will serve you best.

Step 1. Look in the tools section of this site.
Step 2. Start with groups that need to fill weekly -- rather than monthly -- slots.
(Being one of their 52 annual speakers is better than being one of their 12).

Am I allowed to sell items in the back of the room, or pitch a paid seminar as a follow-up to the free speech?

The focus of your presentation should be to educate the audience. If you are just planning on doing a sales pitch, don´t waste your time. Free speaking is an opportunity to show off your knowledge and expertise. Focus on giving people value. And if you have a good follow up system (see the resources section of this site) qualified prospects will identify themselves and fill your marketing funnel. If you are planning on pitching a paid seminar during your talk, do it gracefully and have printed materials to do distribute.

How does the rating system work?

The rating system is designed to improve quality and reward both the speaker and the organization for good performance. Good reviews encourage more organizations to book you and more good reviews from organizations attract higher quality speakers. As a member you have the privilege of inviting organizations for whom you´ve spoken in the past to review your performance. After a member organization books you -- and you appear at their event -- an executive member of the organization will be asked to review your performance.

The speakers review is based on 5 categories:

  1. Appearance and professionalism of the speaker
  2. The extent to which the speaker was able to capture the attention of the audience

  3. Did the speaker deliver what was promised in the promotional material?

  4. Value of the content

  5. The extent to which the content was well organized and easy to follow (given the subject matter)

The organizations review is based on:

  1. Prior to the event, communication with the organizer was clear, accurate and organized. (Including how you wanted to be introduced, time, directions, etc.)
  2. Audience demographic and size was accurately represented

  3. The speaker is properly and appropriately introduced to the audience

  4. Timeliness -- The extent to which the meeting ran on time and you were given the time promised

  5. The group was respectful and well mannered

Do I have to sign a contract to be listed in freespeakerbureau.com?

No, you can cancel at any time.


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